Packing tips

Top 10 packing tips

People who have experience with moving will tell you that the packing must be done carefully. In fact, packing is often the most time-consuming thing of the entire moving process. Packing is, despite the daunting reputation, quite easy to do if you know what you're doing.

Here are our top 10 packing tips for a faster and easier move:

1. Start as early as possible

To avoid having to hurry or accidentally misplacing or forgetting something, it is good to start packing as early as possible. Someone who has experience will agree that you should start at least two months before the date of relocation. Yes, you read that right - at least two months in advance. You can start packing items that you do not use frequently. Gradually, you can pack more important things.

2. Throw away unnecessary clutter

The easiest way of packing is to first make sure that you only take the essentials to your new home. For example: do you really need those old plastic baskets? Would it not be more economical (and faster) to purchase a new television, instead of taking the old, heavy one? How many clothes in your wardrobe do you really wear? How many more do not fit or are out of fashion?

It is perhaps the ideal time to take your wants and needs under the microscope. What do I have, what do I want to keep, and what can I do without? You can donate your 'junk' or sell them to friends and family or to a charity shop before you throw the goods in the container.

3. Provide a box of clothes and toiletries for the moving day and the day after

This survival kit helps you get through the first days of your move, so you have everything right at hand and will not have to look in all your moving boxes. Be sure that you label your survival package so you know which box you have to open first.

Other things you can put in this package are:

  • Extension cords and batteries
  • Moving materials such as box cutters, scissors, knives, tape, gloves, etc.
  • Disposable cutlery
  • Basic tools such as a hammer and a screwdriver

4. Have a stock of packing material

You can never have enough tape, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, boxes and pens. Before you start packing, it is smart to stock this packing material. Do not forget to have a tape roller and label maker ready.

5. Label fragile objects

Be sure that the electronics, tableware and art boxes are labeled as fragile, so the movers know that they have to deal carefully with these boxes.

6. Wrap china, crystal and glassware individually

You should never pile up delicate objects without individual protection. The bottom of the box should be covered with bubble film and each object should be individually wrapped.

7. Don’t leave free space in the boxes

Regardless of what you are packing, make sure there is no free space left in the box. Through this space, the objects in the box will move during transport, which could lead to damage. You can use your old clothes, towels and wrapping paper to fill these open spaces.

8. Pack your belongings for each room and label them in accordance

This is a great tip for fast and easy unpacking when you arrive. Once in your new home, get your stuff in the room depending on the room it belongs to. Do not forget to label!

9. Put heavy things at the bottom of the boxes

Placing heavier possessions at the bottom of the box ensures that the box stays firmly on the ground. Place all lighter objects on top of the heavy ones. This way you do not risk light objects getting damaged by the pressure of heavy ones. This principle also applies during the loading of the truck. First load the heavier boxes, and then load the lighter boxes.

10. If you have expensive or fragile objects, consider seeking professional help

Are you the proud owner of a grand piano, valuable paintings or antiques? Then you should definitely consider hiring experienced and reliable movers to pack such delicate goods. This will of course cost you more, but your precious belongings will be moved safely and insured.

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