Renting Storage

Top 5 tips for renting storage

Renting storage is easy and popular. Today, many people consult the Internet for relocations and furniture storage. Whether you have just a few boxes or the entire contents of your home to store, there are some essential things you should consider before you rent storage space.

1. Do you need storage for a long or short period?

The best thing you can do before you rent storage space is check which items you wish to keep and which not. Chances are if you have not opened a box of stuff for a year, then you will not need any of it. You can give it to friends or donate it to a charity shop.

2. How much storage do you need exactly?

Make sure that you hire the right size of storage space. If it is too small then you run the risk of damage because you'll have to put a lot of stuff in a small area. If you rent a big storage area with excessive space then you will be wasting too much space and money. You can get help from a professional furniture storage company, and they will be able to give you the best advice for your needs.

3. Are you moving or do you need some extra storage space?

Often there is a need for temporary storage during a move, especially when you move to another country or continent. Usually you have to store your belongings for a short period before you can enter your new home. You will need a different type of storage if you’re moving. If you are not moving and just need some additional temporary space, you should look for a furniture repository near your current residence.

4. If you move, do you want to save your stuff on your departure or at your destination?

You can ask your mover to temporarily store your stuff. At the time that best suits you, you can ask the moving company to deliver your stuff to your new address. Nothing is easier than this. You can also hire a temporary storage area where you’ll stock all your possessions. This can be done at the place of departure or arrival, or you can use a combination of both services. Always consider the price and the time and labor required for each option, so you can decide which the best is.

5. If you move, do you want to pack your things yourself or are you looking for a packing service?

Besides the financial aspect, there are two important things you'll need to consider. Will you, with all these move-related activities, have time to pack? And how much money will you spend on insuring all your stuff when you pack this yourself vs. hiring a professional company? Many packing and transportation companies insure your belongings when they pack it themselves, but you will always be responsible for any damage to your property if you pack it yourself.

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