The moving day

What to do on the moving day itself

The moving day is coming - what can you do to make the move as smooth as possible? Are you responsible for packing your belongings? Make sure your belongings are packed in advance. Pack only the items that you need immediately after the move at the last moment.

Packing tips

Label boxes with the name of the room in which they should be put down or use pillows in the boxes with fragile items to prevent damage, so they will unload a lot faster and limit any possible damage to your goods.

Packing Services

Do you do all the packing work yourself? Then you should know that you are not insured for any damage resulting from the move. Let your moving company do all the packing, because then your goods are insured. Help your moving company when packing and make sure to keep the details of your insurance.

Parking Permit

If it is difficult to park in front of your home, provide parking and access for the moving van. It could be that you need to request a parking permit. In some cases you can also vouch for this moving company.

Refrigerators and freezing

Remember to defrost your refrigerator and freezer a few days in advance.

Children and pets

If you have young children, then it is smart to get a nanny to take care of them. It is also a good idea to arrange a shelter for your pets so that they are safe and not afraid when moving.

Mobile phone

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged on the moving day so that the moving team can reach you.


Perhaps you left this task to your moving company. If you disassemble your furniture yourself, keep all the screws and nuts in a separate bag. Attach this bag to the object using some tape.


Collect all the keys to your house. If you have ever lent spare keys to a neighbor, friend or relative, ask for them back.

Last check

When you think everything is moved, then do a final check to make sure that everything that had to be moved is genuinely moved. It is your responsibility to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Keep people informed

Do not forget to keep the necessary institutions and people of your move informed e.g. Banks, church, cable company, etc. Stop all contracts with utilities such as electricity, gas, water...

The new place

Do you have the right keys to your new home? Inform your moving company of the layout of your new home so all your furniture can be placed straight into the right room. Boxes marked with a colored sticker may help. Put a colored sticker that corresponds with the boxes on the door of each room.

Check the basics

Check a few basic things on arrival, like gas and electricity meters. Also, make sure your phone, alarm system, electricity or gas supply and central heating work properly.

Check your new home

Was the house left by the previous owner as agreed? Take immediate action if this is not the case.


It's not a bad idea to replace the locks of your new residence. You never know who the previous owners have given spare keys to.

Save on your moving price

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"Recently, we asked you for a 2nd time to get our company moving in the right direction, and once again we were very pleased with the result. We would happily move with you again.
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