Moving mistakes

The 10 most common mistakes when moving

If you are going to move soon, you can learn a lot from these 10 most common mistakes made when moving.

1. Preparing your move insufficiently

You should prepare a relocation plan 2 to 3 months before the final move. Waiting until the last minute makes the move not only difficult for you and your family, but you also risk that you will pay too much.

2. Choosing the wrong time to move

Avoid moving during the busy summer holidays, weekends or at the beginning and end of the month. This way you risk that the moving company is no longer available.

4. Not weighing the possibilities

You might want to move on your own without the help of a moving company. But that does not always work. There are often too many additional, unforeseen costs, time and work that do not make it worth it to organize moving yourself.

5. Do not compare moving companies

Although it is easier to choose the first company that you find, it is better to contact them first. Requesting several quotes from the moving company for your relocation creates a realistic price for your move.

6. Do not request detailed quotes

Although an estimate of the cost of a move by phone or email is enough for most, it is still better to ask for the representative of the moving company to come for a visit. He will often make an accurate assessment of the move and the price.

7. Not showing your entire contents to the movers

When you have chosen your mover, be sure to show them all your possessions. This helps them to assess what needs to be moved, how it should be stacked and where to place everything in your new home.

8. Not checking your moving company

Just make sure your favorite moving company has all the necessary approvals and is insured. In the moving industry, there is quite a bit of moonlighting. Also take some movers not too closely with the quality of work delivered. Always ask for some references and licenses.

9. Packaging your possessions unsafe

Do not save on your packaging. Each good requires proper packing material and the right technique. Glassware, art objects, heavy goods, etc. Just ask for a suitable solution. Do not forget to label your boxes!

10. Not reading the moving contract

Always read the full documentation after you have received it from your mover. Make you read the fine print in the proposed contract. Some movers dare to add additional costs to be charged for unnecessary supplements.

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